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Join us as we celebrate 175 years and celebrate who we were, are and will be.

This is Our Year!


Westfield Quick Facts

  • Westfield was founded on February 8, 1848
  • Our first president was George Collier
  • Our first home office was a general store


Unique Bond Between Agent and Company

In 1878, Silas B. LeSourd founded the S.B. LeSourd Insurance in Xenia, Ohio.  For 145 years, LeSourd Insurance, now part of The Brooker Family of Business, has served Xenia and the surrounding Greene County Community. 

In 1892, the Westfield Agents Association was formed to strengthen the relationships of mutual trust and responsibility between our agents and our company. The guest speaker was Governor William McKinley. 


Our History

Before there were cars, electricity and television, Westfield was providing insurance protection and serving customers, achieving a level of trust and respect that remains the hallmark of how they conduct business today.

In 1848, a small group of hard-working farmers joined together to form an insurance company to protect their property. Initially known as The Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Medina County, the name was changed three years later in 1851 to Ohio Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The Company evolved to be what is the quiet but trusted Midwestern staple of insurance for 175 years – Westfield.

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine congratulates Westfield on creating a legacy of caring and embracing future-focused thinking to become the company we are today.


Forever Forward

How will the contributions you make today shape our tomorrow?  For 175 years, we have embraced bold future-forward thinking even before there was such a thing. And how did we achieve this? Our people, it has always been our people. Learn more about how we are poised for our future by celebrating our inclusive culture.

Westfield Memories

How do you build a business that lasts?  One that can triumph through trying times, face crossroads, challenges and change yet emerge stronger?  A company that can weather any storm, including wars, depressions, recessions, and a global pandemic that impacted nearly every industry worldwide.  

There are a select few companies in the United States that have survived and thrived for 175 years.

Westfield is one of them. 

Westfield is one of the select few. 

So, what sets us apart?

What makes us different, better?  How did we know when to change course and when to stay the course? 

Our people.

That’s how.   

It’s always been our people. 

For 175 years, generations of Westfield leaders and employees have stayed true to our vision and values, embracing our culture, change and challenges, learning, and listening to meet the needs of Westfield customers. 

Every day, together, we are writing the next chapter in Westfield’s history.  

The moments and milestones they’ll be recounting 175 years from now. 

What will they say about us?  

What will they say about you?

How will the contributions you make today shape our tomorrow?